Bustillo and Maury's Leatherface earns an R rating

Leatherface Bustillo Maury

Lionsgate still isn't offering any hints as to when we might see LEATHERFACE, the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel from INSIDE directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo that was recently undergoing some reshoots a year after production initially wrapped in Bulgaria. However, the project has now made a slight stirring that gives some hope that it might soon be screened for audiences - in fact, it's already been screened for the MPAA.

The MPAA screening has resulted in the film receiving exactly the sort of rating you'd expect a CHAINSAW MASSACRE movie from the INSIDE guys to get. LEATHERFACE has been rated R for "strong bloody violence, disturbing images, language, and some sexuality/nudity." Yep, that's what I want to see.

Written by Seth M. Sherwood, the prequel story begins when

a young nurse is kidnapped by a group of violent teens who escape from a mental hospital and take her on a road trip from hell. Pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of these teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, molding him into the monster we now call Leatherface.

Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, Jessica Madsen, James Bloor, Sam Coleman, Jessica Madsen, Lilli Taylor, Stephen Dorff, and Finn Jones star.

Now give us that release date, if you please.

Leatherface Bustillo Maury

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Source: CensorWatch



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