Step right up for the Circus of the Dead with these new stills

If you're terrified of clowns (like me) and are a fan of Bill Oberst, Jr. (again, like me) then have we got a treat for you! Hurry, hurry! Step right up, ladies and gents, as we present to you a handful of horrifying stills from CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, a new terror filled tale from director Billy Pon that aims to chart new horror territory and shock fans of genre cinema in 2014.

CIRCUS OF THE DEAD involves a deadly circus and a group of sadistic clowns; these clowns want to play some games with those they have captured.

Actor Oberst Jr., who has got to be one of the busiest actors in the genre today, has something to say about his character Papa Corn, describing him as...

"...a homicidal serial rapist with a taste for necrophilia. His day job happens to be as a circus clown. He and his highly-disturbed fellow clowns use the circus as cover for some of the darkest and most graphic acts of violence I have ever seen in a script or on set."

CIRCUS OF THE DEAD also stars Parrish Randall (GUT INSTINCTS), Brad Potts (PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING), Chanel Ryan, Ryan Clapp, Rusty Edwards and Mike Williams. Look for it in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Experts say 1 in 7 people are afraid of clowns. Are you one of those suffering from coulrophobia?



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