Camp Motion Pictures grabs Gregory Lamberson's Killer Rack

The North American distribution rights to KILLER RACK, the latest film from SLIME CITY director Gregory Lamberson, have been acquired by Camp Motion Pictures, who plan to have the movie out on DVD and VOD in the fall of 2016.

Scripted by Paul McGinnis, KILLER RACK tells the following story: 

Betty Downer thinks her life will improve when she gets breast implants from Dr. Cate Thulu. Her new assets attract attention, but Betty soon discovers her new boobs are man-eating, Lovecraftian monsters hellbent on world domination – and only she can stop them.

"Monstrous breasts" is a concept that will draw a dividing line for viewers instantly, and personally I'm on the "I gotta see that" side of the line.

Jessica Zwolak stars as the unwilling owner of these breasts, with Debbie Rochon as Dr. Cate Thulu and a supporting cast that includes Michael Thurber, Lloyd Kaufman, Sam Qualiana, Brittani Hare, Robert Bozek, Michael O'Hear, Alexander S. McBryde, Sephera Giron, Brooke Lewis, and McGinnis.

If you're intrigued by the idea of KILLER RACK, check out the NSFW trailer below to get a better feel for it.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching KILLER RACK?
Source: CinemaSlasher



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