Camp Motion Pictures to release brain-eating worm movie Rotgut in September


When I first saw the 2005 indie zombie movie THE STINK OF FLESH, I was completely blown away. It quickly became one of my favorite movies, and I became a dedicated follower of the careers of many of the people involved. This included buying a copy of every movie starring actor Billy Garberina.

Garberina stepped behind the camera to direct a movie I've been looking forward to for a long time, ROTGUT, which was shot in 2010 and which we previously covered back in 2011. It's been a long wait, but ROTGUT will finally be making its way out into the world later this year, courtesy of Camp Motion Pictures.

Written by Devin O'Leary (who was also in THE STINK OF FLESH), ROTGUT tells the following story:

A seedy downtown bar on a quiet Sunday morning becomes a battleground for Armageddon when a batch of bad booze contaminates the alcohol supply of the local drunks. Carrying a mutated worm, the tainted tequila infects all who drink it, swiftly turning them into ravenous hosts for brain-eating worms. Luckily, an intrepid group of drunks, losers and lost souls is on hand to save the day!

Sounds like a great time to me.

Produced by Garberina, O'Leary, and Craig A. Butler, the film stars Aaron Worley, Megan Pribyl, Jeremy Owen, Israel Wright, Paul Alsing, Garberina himself, and BIRDEMIC's Whitney Moore. Hank Carlson provided the makeup effects.

Camp Motion Pictures will be releasing ROTGUT onto DVD and digital platforms on September 6th. A date I've been waiting six years for. Special features on the disc will include a behind-the-scenes feature and a trailer vault.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching ROTGUT?
Source: Fangoria



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