Canceled Friday the 13th film aimed for winter-set sequel

A few months back we let you guys know that HANNIBAL and CHANNEL ZERO writer Nick Antosca's draft of an 80's-set FRIDAY THE 13TH flick hit the web. I don't know about you but I snatched it up and devoured it within hours. And let me just say, it was f*cking awesome.

Unfortunately Paramount got cold feet on the release of the Antosca and director David Buckner's FRIDAY THE 13TH: 3D (true title) and the script was all but thrown in the trash. Recently, however, while out and about promoting the new season of CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE, Brad at B-D caught up with Antosca and was able to pry new info out of him in regards to the abandoned Jason flick.

Nick Antosca his FRIDAY THE 13TH: 3D script:

I know Platinum Dunes was ready to go — they were enthusiastic. I heard various things — Paramount changed their mind about the 80’s setting, they wanted more mythology. Also, there was some corporate changeover in the ranks there, and the people who were in charge when I was hired were no longer there. The new folks may have wanted to put their own stamp on it. It happens. I was curious to see the version they did make, and I was disappointed when that fell apart too.

You can read the full interview with B-D in the link at the bottom and I suggest you do as Antosca spills tons of new info on the dead film such as his inspirations, mixing three versions of Jason into the script, the challenges of cracking the story, his favorite Jason, and setting the movie in the 80's. Good stuff.

One of my personal favorite bits is when Antosca simple states:

It shouldn’t be that hard to make a Friday the 13th movie.

Urgh. Right? No kidding, Antosca. This shite is getting ridiculous at this point. I'm mean it's simple, just throw Jason in the snow and call it a day, I say. Speaking of which...

Antosca on his planned FRIDAY THE 13TH: 3D sequel:

We had aimed for a winter-set sequel. The details were not hashed out, but it would have involved people returning to the site of the horrific massacre in the first movie — probably just six months later.

Dammit. Like I said, I've read the man's script for the new reboot (which is what it totally was) and it was truly awesome. I'm a big fan of the Friday franchise and I'd put my stamp on Antosca's version... with a few (minor) revisions that is... But overall, it would have been one of the better FRIDAY THE 13TH films out there. No contest.

Have you read Nick Antosca's script for FRIDAY THE 13TH: 3D? What did you think of it? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the new comments section below, or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

CHANNEL ZERO: NO-END HOUSE premieres on Syfy September 20th. Until then you can check out Nick Antosca's full interview right over HERE.


Extra Tidbit: I'd even take that Friday the 13th found footage flick at this point.
Source: B-D



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