Check out the teaser poster for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla and a bootleg shot of the king of the monsters himself!

Comic-Con 2012 has been real good to us in terms of giant monster movies. Not only has Guillermo del Toro brought the goods with his PACIFIC RIM, Legendary also gave us the first glimpse at their reimagining of the 1954 Toho classic GODZILLA. We were expecting to see something from the flick, directed by Gareth Edwards (MONSTERS), and the studio delivered, premiering some footage at their San Diego panel. Better yet, some of the lucky bastards in attendance managed to grab a shot of the titular monster (or rather a silhouette of him). You can see one above and a slightly different one below (this one courtesy of Comic Book Movie).

My personal impressions - holy shit, it's Godzilla! I mean, it actually looks like the classic monster! When you consider that the teaser footage also featured a giant centipede creature, it's hard to not get super-stoked. Now it's official - I can't wait to see more from this one!

Also, a debut teaser poster made its way online, which you can see below. It's not nearly as exciting as some of the other Godzilla-related stuff showed off at the Con, but hey - it's not bad either.

Extra Tidbit: Interestingly enough, director Gareth Edwards also had this to say about his version of Godzilla: "It's very grounded and realistic. What would it be like if this all really happened?"



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