Check out these two new variant posters for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

A couple of new variant posters for Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM have made their way online and I thought I'd share em' with you guys because they are actually pretty cool. Since the very first poster we ever saw of Zombie's latest film they've been heavy on the color and these two new ones are no different as we see the posters with some very cool vibrant colors. You can check them out below!

A former drug user, Heidi is now clean and works as a rock DJ at the local radio station along with fellow DJs, Herman Whitey Salvador and Herman Jackson. Following one of their regular evening shows, Heidi receives a square wooden box containing a vinyl record, the only indication as to its origin is a note proclaiming “A gift from the Lords”. Assuming it is merely a PR stunt by an ambitious band, Heidi gives the record a spin and immediately begins to experience bizarre flashbacks to a past, long-forgotten trauma triggered by the haunting sounds contained on the record.

Extra Tidbit: Do you dig these new posters?
Source: AITH



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