Cool Horror Gear: Krampus meets Starbucks on this Fright-Rags shirt!

Our friends overseas might not be aware, but there is a very trivial coffee-related controversy erupting in the U.S. (Because the world doesn't have enough real problems.) Some Conservative Christians are upset at Starbucks for removing Christmas-related imagery from its cups in favor of a plain red cup. This is, according to those who are riled up about the change, part of an imagined "war on Christmas" in this nation.

Anyway, don't want to waste your time with that, but it's background for this very cool item I'm about to show you. Fright-Rags has just unveiled quite the timely Krampusspresso t-shirt, which gives us a look at what a Starbucks cup featuring our favorite dark holiday spirit might look like. One to go, please.

According to the site, this shirt will only be available for 36 hours: "Once the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday November 17th, it will be gone forever. It will never be reprinted, and there will be no extras available for sale later. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO PURCHASE IT AGAIN. Don’t miss your chance!"

You heard 'em! To get your Krampusspresso shirt, head over HERE.



Source: Fright-Rags



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