Cool Horror Gear: Light-up Ghostbusters Statue Line presentes the Firehouse!

I'm against GHOSTBUSTERS 3, but here I am peddling ancillary merch for the once-relevant comedy franchise. Joke's on me!

So what, it's Christmas, why deprive you of amassing your beloved GHOSTBUSTERS collectibles? Not a chance! So it's worth noting that the "Light-Up Ghostbusters Statue Line" continues with its newest addition, the famed Firehouse headquarters! Peep it...

Lit from within like someone just shut down the containment grid, this 7-inch mini-statue is the perfect accessory for any Ghostbusters fan’s desk, and has been deemed safe for indoor use by the Evironmental Protection Agency (that's a barb to Peck). Faithfully re-creating the iconic landmark, it stands atop a Ghostbusters logo-adorned base, and runs on two AAA batteries (included). But it’s limited to only 1,984 pieces, so pre-order today at your local comic shop!

As you'll notice, we've included a picture to help you decide one way or the other. Also available for purchase are the Slimer, Terror Dog and Mr. Stay Puft!

Extra Tidbit: You have a plastic proton pack as a kid? I did!
Source: AITH



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