Cool Horror Gear: Lord of Tears Owlman action figure

You may remember a couple prank videos from last year that featured an odd creature called the Owlman scaring the hell out of some unsuspecting people. The videos were part of a marketing push for director Lawrie Brewster's film LORD OF TEARS, and while Brewster wraps up a Kickstarter campaign seeking finishing funds for his latest film, THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS, a new perk has been added: a limited run of retro-style Owlman action figures. 

If you're a fan of LORD OF TEARS, those prank videos, and/or just the image of the Owlman, read on and check out the promo video below for more information on this awesome figure: 

Wreak your own tiny reign of terror with retro Owlman action figure!

The Owlman has become something of an internet cult figure over the last couple of years, with his epic reign of terror on unsuspecting Scottish explorers going seriously viral. The character of the Owlman originally appeared in the indie horror film Lord of Tears back in 2013, directed by Lawrie Brewster. The film itself was well received by fans and critics alike, but the Owlman's popularity has grown way beyond his indie roots into the realm of internet folklore. Like his earlier counterpart and some would say distant cousin, Slenderman, the Owlman has captured the imagination of the horror community, spawning new stories, fan theories, costumes and even tattoos!

Now, you can possess your very own Owlman in the form of a Limited Edition action figure being sold through Kickstarter. Limited to just 150 exclusive signed figures, the release will help fund the completion of the team's next film The Unkindness of Ravens. This next venture from Lord of Tears director Lawrie Brewster and writer Sarah Daly promises new beaked horrors in the form of the plague-doctoresque Raven Warriors. You can pre-order the movie as well as the new 3-Disc Edition of Lord of Tears over on Kickstarter – but hurry – there's just a few days left in the campaign, so get 'em while they're hot!

Want to capture an Owlman of your own sometime in the next 61 hours? If so, the Kickstarter campaign can be found at this link.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be getting an Owlman action figure?
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