Cool Horror Gear: NECA's Aliens Series 5 figures

NECA has just announced their Series 5 ALIEN action figure collection including Lt. Ellen Ripley, Bishop (Queen Attack) and black and red versions of the Xenomorph Warriors from Aliens: Genocide. It’s a pretty sick line-up that you’re probably going to want to get your hands on, so read on for all the goods!

Ripley features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver and comes with bandolier accessory plus the makeshift flamethrower/pulse rifle hybrid she jury-rigs to battle the Queen. Bishop features the likeness of Lance Henriksen and is based on the android’s appearance after the Alien Queen’s attack. He comes with an open Xenomorph egg and facehugger with bendable tail. The Xenomorph Warriors from Aliens: Genocide come in both black and red versions.

Each highly articulated, 7” scale figure is entirely authentic to the film version. Be sure to head over to NECA's website for more info on these guys!

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to pick any of these figures up?
Source: NECA



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