Cool Horror Videos: Angels are hunted As They Continue to Fall

C. Robert Cargill, formerly know as Massawyrm from Ain't It Cool News, has made some solid contributions to the horror genre in recent years, co-writing SINISTER and SINISTER 2 with Scott Derrickson, a collaboration that continues with next month's DOCTOR STRANGE, which will be bringing some mind-bending insanity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cargill has now earned his first writing credit on a non-Derrickson project with the short AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL, which was directed by Nikhil Bhagat and serves as sort of a "proof of concept" for a feature film Bhagat is now pitching.

The short centers on 

a homeless man who hunts fallen angels in a dystopian society filled with crime and corruption. Haunted by a dark past, yet hopeful for the future, he continues to hunt as they continue to fall.

AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL can be viewed in its entirety below, so if you have a little over six minutes to watch a cool short with a nice visual style that sets up the story for what could be a very interesting feature film, check it out:

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