Cool Horror Videos: Burn Notice creator warns There Shall Come Angels

It's not really a surprise that Matt Nix, creator of the USA Network television series Burn Notice, would have an interest in telling horror stories. This is, after all, the guy who gave genre icon Bruce Campbell and BLAIR WITCH 2's Jeffrey Donovan a steady gig for seven seasons. Nix even built a prequel movie, BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE, around Campbell's character that allowed the EVIL DEAD star to get his hands on a chainsaw yet again.

The Nix horror story in question here is the Christmas-themed short THERE SHALL COME ANGELS, which Nix wrote and, with Matt Fackrell, directed.

On a winter's night, a group of young carolers bring Christmas magic to a suburban neighborhood... very, very hardcore Christmas magic.

Starring Lauren Stamile, Rob Zombie regular Jeff Daniel Phillips, and several members of the Nix and Fackrell families, THERE SHALL COME ANGELS is a delightful little sneak attack of a terror tale, which starts off as a pleasant, heartwarming display of Christmas magic but then takes a dark turn when Phillips appears.

Check it out!

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