Cool Horror Videos: DJ Ashba's theme song for Eli Roth's The Green Inferno

September 25th will see the release of THE GREEN INFERNO, Eli Roth's first feature directorial effort since HOSTEL: PART II in 2007. An homage to old school Italian cannibal movies, the film has the following plot:

A group of college students take their humanitarian protest from New York to the Amazon jungle only to be taken prisoner by the indigenous tribe they came to save. Dark and primitive customs still rule the Amazon jungle: cannibalism and other mind, body and soul-destroying rituals. Trapped in the village, these high-tech modern-world students experience the ultimate in primal barbaric terror, suffering unspeakable acts of violence in an intense and chilling rituals reserved only for the most threatening intruders.

THE GREEN INFERNO even takes its name from the title that was on the first draft of the script written for the most notorious of all Italian cannibal movies, 1980's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. If you've seen that movie, one of the many things that stand out about it is the musical score. Roth is aiming to have some memorable music in his film as well, and has recruited DJ Ashba to compose a theme song called "Escape the Green Inferno".

The official music video for the theme song can be seen below, and it's packed with clips from THE GREEN INFERNO, giving glimpses of the very bad experience its characters are put through by Roth's cannibals.

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