Cool Horror Videos: Gavin Michael Booth's Periscope horror short Fifteen

Last Thursday, Blumhouse Productions and filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth teamed up to terrorize users of the Twitter-associated streaming video app Periscope with a live horror event called FIFTEEN.

When FIFTEEN was announced, exactly what kind of scenario Booth and Blumhouse director of development Ryan Turek had come up with for the event was being kept secret. As it turns out, it dealt with a masked killer broadcasting his stalking and slashing exploits live on the internet.

The live event was a success, but if you missed it or still don't even understand what Periscope is, fear not. The entire broadcast has been archived, and it's an entertaining way to spend 20 minutes, especially with the comments from viewers scrolling up the left side of the screen. Comments that include people worrying that what they were watching was real and considering calling the police, while other uninformed viewers questioned the reality of what they were seeing. "This has to be fake." Yes, it was fake, and all in fun, and you can watch it here right now:

Extra Tidbit: Did you watch FIFTEEN live?
Source: Fifteen



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