Cool Horror Videos: Joe Hill takes you into the world of NOS4A2

Here's a clever little trailer for Joe Hill's upcoming novel NOS4A2; Hill (looking like his dad Stephen King more than ever) describes the plot of the book while a few choice visuals help build the world for you and set-up the story's freaky villain. You'll even get a look at Hill airing out his motorcycle, helping to prove that he's a bigger badass than you and I put together.

We brought you an excerpt from the book just a few days ago, which you can check out here if you missed it.

Our hero is Victoria McQueen, a seventeen-year-old kid who has come looking for trouble and is about to find some. Vic believes she has found the hideout of a man who has a car that runs on human souls instead of gasoline. This man-known to her only as the Wraith-is impossibly old and has destroyed an unfathomable number of lives. If Vic doesn't want to be the next person he grinds up and spits out, she's going to have to watch her step . . .

NOS4A2 comes out on April 30th; take a gander at the awesome cover art below the video.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Joe Hill novel?



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