Cool Horror Videos: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 on NES

After watching SILENT NIGHT, I've have begun plotting a Christmas marathon of the entire SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT franchise. Though the remake and the original are just about on equal terms for me, it is SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 that has captured my heart for one reason: "GARBAGE DAY!"

If you have not yet experienced the YouTube sensation that is "GARBAGE DAY", we're about to rectify that tragic mistake. Below you'll find the original scene from the film, which features Santa Claus killer Ricky (Eric Freeman) going on a shooting spree through a suburban neighborhood. He happens upon some poor sap taking out his trash and hilarity ensues.

It's pretty great, right? The only thing that could make it better would be if it was in 8-bits. That's exactly what you'll find below-- the scene redone as a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fall on your knees and hear the Freeman laughing-- Oh NIGHT divine, when SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was digitized...

Extra Tidbit: Can somebody find Eric Freeman and get him to do an interview or something? What the hell happened to that guy?



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