Cool Horror Videos: Simon Stokes' rejected Child's Play theme song

About thirty years ago, composer Joe Renzetti and singer/songwriter Simon Stokes got together to make a theme song for the movie Renzetti was working on at the time - Tom Holland's 1988 classic CHILD'S PLAY. The theme song wasn't used, and somehow its existence managed to pass by me completely, even though I grew up on CHILD'S PLAY and its sequels, and despite the fact that the song has been online for a decade or so.

I didn't become aware of this song until it started making the social media and website rounds yesterday, and never listened to it until this morning... 

Wow. If you're a fan of CHILD'S PLAY, you need to listen to this song immediately. It's a hell of a thing; as cheeseball as it gets and highly entertaining. Where has this song been all my life?

I agree with the decision not to include it in the film, it wouldn't have fit, but this should have been released into the world in a major way a long time ago. You don't make something like this and just shelve it. 

The song, which is called "The Chucky Song" can be heard in the YouTube embed below. If you like it, you can buy the MP3 on iTunes or CDbaby for just 99 cents.

This song was written by the singer Simon Stokes, and Joe Renzetti the composer of the musical score to the movie "Child's Play." It was intended to be playing under the closing credits of the film. At the last minute it was decided the song would not to be included in the film, and the song "La La" was used instead. 

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of "The Chucky Song"?
Source: CDbaby



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