Cool Horror Videos: Tim Burton directs Winona Ryder in The Killers music video

Dig Tim Burton but feel like his work has slipped a bit in the past few years? Maybe his latest will turn you around: a music video for The Killers' "Here With Me" featuring the one and only Winona Ryder. Oh, and a very Tim Burton-y protagonist.

Before you watch, maybe you'd like to read Burton's thoughts on the matter? Straight from the band's website:

“The first time I saw The Killers perform live was in Blackpool, UK shortly after completing work on our first collaboration, the music video for Bones. When I heard the song Here With Me I remembered seeing a wax figure of Winona in Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Blackpool. The concept of the video is inspired by the 1935 film Mad Love, starring Peter Lorre, as well as the works of Mario Bava. It was a pleasure to film in Blackpool and to work with The Killers, Winona Ryder and Craig Roberts."

Extra Tidbit: Are you in tune with Burton's music video?
Source: The Killers



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