Crampton, Pare, Bono, and Chong star in supernatural thriller Reborn

Reborn Julian Richards

Jinga Films and New Normal Productions have announced that the supernatural thriller REBORN has completed principal photography - and the cast of this one has me very interested in it.

Directed by Julian Richards from a screenplay by Michael Mahin (based on a story by producer Jeannie McGinnis), the film stars Kayleigh Gilbert, genre icon Barbara Crampton, Michael Pare (star of John "The Arrow" Fallon's THE SHELTER), Chaz Bono, Monte Markham, and COMMANDO's Rae Dawn Chong.

The story is about what happens when 

a stillborn baby girl is abducted by a morgue attendant and brought back to life by electrokinetic power. On her sixteenth birthday she escapes captivity and sets out to find her birth mother, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.

I can't say I've ever heard a story exactly like that before.

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD III writer John Penney executive produced the film, which was shot on location in Los Angeles.

McGinnis had this to say about the project: 

I am thrilled to have an accomplished genre director like Julian Richards bring my story to life. He skillfully balances sympathy for the underdog girl left for dead and the chilling horrific chaos she incites."

We'll keep you updated on REBORN as it makes its way through post-production and toward release.

Extra Tidbit: How does REBORN sound to you?



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