Creature feature War Wolf to be directed by Simon West

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It's been nearly a year and a half since it was announced that Simon West, director of such films as THE EXPENDABLES 2 and WHEN A STRANGER CALLS 2006, had signed on to helm a new version of the sci-fi horror classic THE BLOB. Even though Samuel L. Jackson was cast in West's THE BLOB last year, it doesn't look like that project's going to be heading into production any time soon, as West is setting his sights on a creature feature of a different sort. He is gearing up to direct a film called WAR WOLF in Italy this November.

Scripted by Andy Briggs and author Paul Finch, WAR WOLF is 

set in 1356, after decades of war between the French and English armies, with English solider Earl Hugo awarded the castle of his enemy, the French assassin Mauchet. But in the walls of the castle and the lands that surround it, someone has reawakened the Loup de Guerre, the ferocious War Wolf of French legend and the nightmarish creature is now on a killing spree.

Finch is also writing a novelization of the screenplay.

The film is being made under a partnership between West, Fortitude International, and Amber Entertainment. The producers are Ileen Maisel, Lawrence Elman, and Jib Polhemus.

Igor Studios' Dave and Lou Elsey will be handling the special makeup effects. Dave Elsey won an Oscar, alongside FX legend Rick Baker, for his work on 2010's THE WOLFMAN.

Everyone involved with WAR WOLF is hoping this will be the start of a new franchise, with Fortitude's Nadine de Barros promising that the film will blow people away with intense storytelling and the look of its fantastical world.

Although I desperately want to see a new version of THE BLOB, it sounds like WAR WOLF will provide some solid entertainment while I continue to wait for the return of the gelatinous monster that creeps and leaps and glides and slides.

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