Samuel L. Jackson takes on The Blob for director Simon West

A remake of Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr's 1958 sci-fi horror classic THE BLOB has been in development for years. At one time, THE CONJURING writers Chad and Carey Hayes were scripting a more comedic take on the concept, and at another point Rob Zombie was (briefly) attached to write and direct, famously saying that his version of the story would not feature "a big red blobby thing". 

Back in January, it was announced that Simon West will be the latest filmmaker to tackle the property, and it's looking like the CON AIR director might be the one who can finally get THE BLOB off the ground. West's THE BLOB has its first cast member, and the blob might just want to stay in its meteor rather than face off with this guy.

Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to star as

a biochemistry professor attempting to thwart the other-worldly predator discovered deep within the earth.

Goldcrest Films has already secured distribution for THE BLOB in territories around the globe. The film is being produced by Richard Saperstein, Brian Witten, Taewon Chung, Judith Parker Harris, and 96-year-old Jack Harris, the producer of the original.

THE BLOB '58 was followed by 1972 sequel BEWARE! THE BLOB, directed by Larry Hagman, before being remade for the first time by Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont in 1988.

West has said that his version of THE BLOB will play out on a larger scale than the previous films, and that the creature itself will be more sophisticated this time out. Filming begins this fall.

I love the Blob movies and have been anxiously waiting for another one ever since the '88 film's open ending. I'm really excited that this remake is coming together at long last, I'm ready to see that big red blobby thing back in action!

THE BLOB '88's Shawnee Smith

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