Creepy poster for Alice, Sweet Alice remake is here to stab you!

Director Dante Tomaselli (SATAN’S PLAYGROUND, TORTURE CHAMBER) is currently working on a remake of the 1977 mini-classic ALICE, SWEET ALICE with Fangoria editor Michael Gingold, and the first poster for the flick has emerged over on the director's Facebook page - take a look at it below.

Obviously, this is just a promo one-sheet, but damn if that naughty little gal isn't creeping me the hell out. Those who are familiar with the original film will certainly recognize this eerie visage; those who don't know the flick should seek it out pronto.

In the original film, directed by Alfred Sole (who happens to be Tomaselli's cousin!) Paula Sheppard is Alice, a pouty, petulant problem child at that awkward age living with her precocious little sister Karen (Brooke Shields) and single mom. When Karen is murdered during her first communion and Alice takes her place in line, suspicion immediately falls on her. Then a diminutive killer in a yellow slicker and opaque mask continues the reign of terror, and Alice's estranged father takes up the investigation to prove her innocence.

No word on casting yet, but we'll keep you in-the-know on that front as ALICE creeps forward.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the 1977 version of ALICE, SWEET ALICE?
Source: Facebook



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