Crudup and Cookson join Naomi Watts in Netflix thriller Gypsy

Sophie Cookson

I don't think there's any one network on television that produces as much content that I desperately want to watch as Netflix does for their streaming service. They're crafting another series for me to add to my queue with the ten episode psychological thriller Gypsy, which is set to star Naomi Watts as

Jean Holloway – a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.

Soon heading into production for a 2017 premiere, Gypsy has added two more actors to its cast: Billy Crudup, who has a role in Ridley Scott's recently wrapped ALIEN: COVENANT, will be playing Jean's husband Michael, "who will navigate their twisted and complicated marriage as well as his own morally gray relationships."

Joining Watts and Crudup is Sophie Cookson, who just got her big screen start in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE and THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR. She has signed on to play a character named Sidney, and unfortunately the character's name is the only detail that has been revealed.

Gypsy has been written by Lisa Rubin. The first two episodes will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (FIFTY SHADES OF GREY).

Billy Crudup

Extra Tidbit: How does Gypsy sound to you?



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