Video Top 5: Most played out deaths! With Damien Paris

We're trying something new on AITH! Horror charged VIDEO TOP 5 LISTS, hosted by writer, director and all around cool dude DAMIEN PARIS. Welcome to the site bro! This week Damien tackles his TOP 5 MOST PLAYED OUT DEATHS! Check it out below! WARNING: The video is filled with foul language, disturbing images and more foul language... just the way we like it!

Let us know what you think of the video one way or another by commenting below!

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Extra Tidbit: Writer/director Damien Paris films/screenplays wield his unique knowledge of film history and a enthusiasm for horror. His acumen for colorful storytelling comes to life in his short film “Sophie Gets A Head” (2011). Behind the lens, Paris was responsible for the artfully stunning cinematography of the acclaimed feature “Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America”. He served as both actor and Production Manager for Sundance favorite “Out of Our Minds,” bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur’s (Smashing Pumpkins) conceptual film based on her 2009 album. Also known for his music career, with a reputation preceding him as an inimitable songwriter and guitarist, he has toured the world many times with The Giraffes and Paul Banks of Interpol. He is the driving force behind WRECKROOM STUDIOS, a music incubator for up and coming bands, shooting & cutting the "in studio" performances., all run out of actor/producer Adrian Grenier's basement in Brooklyn. For more info check out wreckroom.tv



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