Daniel Radcliffe eyes Hunchback role in Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be gunning for status as a legitimate horror star. Between THE WOMAN IN BLACK and the upcoming HORNS, it looked like he was merely flirting with our beloved genre. Now he's eyeing as a role in Paul McGuigan's revisionist FRANKENSTEIN epic and his intentions are pretty clear.

Strangely enough, the role isn't the first you might think of when associating the HARRY POTTER star with Mary Shelly's classic. He doesn't want the role of the good doctor, he's going for the role of the Hunchback assistant. The role is "described as pathologically dirty and dressed in old clowns clothing." Weird.

The 20th Century Fox production is being developed from a script by CHRONICLE'S Max Landis. Shawn Levy was once attached to direct but walked out following budget issues, leaving SHERLOCK'S PAUL McGuigan holding the ball. As an admitted Levy detractor, I believe this choice will prove for the best.

I don't know about you guys, but this movie sounds like it's going to be really weird. Daniel Radcliffe's character reads like a scary fusion between John Wayne Gacy and Dwight Frye. I like it! What say you Schmoes? Shall we toast to a new world of revisionist Gods and Monsters?

Extra Tidbit: Why hello there, Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson (above). You didn't think we'd pass up the chance to throw a picture of you up there, did you?
Source: The Wrap



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