Daniel Stamm and James Roday directed upcoming Into the Dark films

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A collaboration between Blumhouse Television and the streaming service Hulu, the anthology series Into the Dark is set to consist of 12 feature films that are released on a monthly basis (usually on the first Friday of every month), each one having something to do with a holiday that takes place during the month of its release. The series began with Paul Davis's Halloween tale THE BODY and continued with Patrick Lussier's Thanksgiving movie FLESH & BLOOD and Nacho Vigalondo's Christmas movie POOKA! Next up is Sophia Takal's NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, which is being released a week earlier than the other entries, coming to Hulu on December 28th.

While we wait for the premiere of NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, details on the February and March installments of Into the Dark have emerged online.

As you probably expected, the February feature deals with Valentine's Day. Titled DOWN, it was directed by THE LAST EXORCISM's Daniel Stamm from a screenplay by Kent Kubena. Starring Natalie Martinez, Matt Lauria, Arnie Pantoja, Diane Sellers, and Christina Leone, this Into the Dark "episode" is about what happens when 

a pair of office of workers get trapped in an elevator over a long Valentine’s Day weekend. What at first promises to be a romantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying in this Blumhouse mash-up of rom-com and horror film genres.

DOWN will be available for viewing on Hulu as of February 1st.

Written and directed by Psych star James Roday, who previously made a fun horror comedy titled GRAVY (pictured above), Into the Dark's March entry is TREEHOUSE

the tale of celebu-chef, Peter Rake, who tries to escape a recent wave of negative tabloid exposure by retreating to his family’s vacation estate in the woods. But the ghosts of Peter’s past are everywhere and debts will be settled. Soon, he realizes that a woman’s place is anywhere that she chooses to be.

The holiday observed by this one is unexpected: it's the Ides of March, which Wikipedia explains is

a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15th. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts.

TREEHOUSE stars Jimmi Simpson, Mary McCormack, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Maggie Lawson, Stephanie Beatriz, Julianna Guill, Michael Weston, Amanda Walsh, Sutton Foster, and Cass Bugge. It's set to reach Hulu on March 1st.

I'm really looking forward to watching Into the Dark play out, because having a new horror anthology releasing feature-length "episodes" reminds me of the good old days of watching Masters of Horror on Showtime.

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