Dario Argento has two new horror projects in the works

Dario Argento

It's been a while since Italian genre filmmaker Dario Argento made something that was received with overwhelming positivity by fans, but he has produced enough classics in his day that his reputation as a master of horror will never be tarnished, and there will always be interest in anything he has in the works.

Now 76 years old and six years out from making his most recent genre offering, DRACULA 3D, Argento has revealed that he is planning to bring more horror to us in the future:

I have a project, rather two. Let's see what will start first. Of course it is always horror. It will be something new."

Argento said this while attending the photo exhibition 'Cuts of Light', which showcased behind-the-scenes pictures taken on the set of his films by still photographer Franco Bellomo, at the SpazioCima Gallery in Rome.

There are no details available on these horror projects Argento is developing, but hopefully one of them will move ahead soon so we can learn more about it.

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Source: Du-HDMichael Cole



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