Dark Ride kicks off new horror-sci-fi shingle with a Hell Storm

Who's ready for a Dark Ride through a HELL STORM?!?

Word from Variety today has it that L.A. based company Dark Ride Entertainment has just launched a new production shingle dedicated to nothing but original horror and sci-fi projects. In fact, the plan is to have no less than 8 such films completed by the end of 2015. Pretty cool shite, right?

President of the company, William Butler, who directed MADHOUSE and FURNACE in the past, had this to say about the new venture:

"Dark Ride was created to fill a void in fun, entertaining horror and sci-fi films with great production values that can be made at an affordable cost. The team at Dark Ride has all done this successfully before; we're fortunate to have developed a cost effective system of production, and we're excited to go on this ride with Struans Media."

Struans Media will fully finance the first slate of films, which commences with something called HELL STORM, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror project Butler will write and direct himself.

Details end there, but we'll be sure to usher them your way when we hear more.

Extra Tidbit: Most hellish storm you've been through?
Source: Variety



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