Dark Sky Films among anthology Mexico Barbaro's distributors

Mexican horror anthology MÉXICO BÁRBARO has secured distribution deals in a handful of territories around the world, getting picked up by King Records in Japan, MovieCloud in Taiwan, Raven Banner in Canada, and MPI/Dark Sky Films in the United States.

Consisting of segments directed by eight separate filmmakers, 

MÉXICO BÁRBARO brings to life stories that form a part of our culture, and even some that have haunted our nightmares since childhood, which took away our innocence. The boogeyman, trolls, ghosts, creatures, Aztec sacrifices, and of course our beloved traditions such as Day of the Dead immerse in urban and rural stories.

The directors who contributed are Jorge Michel Grau, Aarón Soto, Edgar Nito, Gigi Saúl Guerrero, Isaac Ezbán, Ulises Guzmán, Laurette Flores, and Lex Ortega.

Results have varied greatly, but I'm enjoying the current trend of anthologies with multiple directors. I've been keeping an eye on a Brazilian horror anthology called THE BLACK FABLES/AS FÁBULAS NEGRAS, for which four Brazilian filmmakers made shorts based on stories from their country's folklore, so I'm very intrigued by MÉXICO BÁRBARO, which sounds to be a Mexican version of that same basic idea. The more countries that bring their legends to the screen through horror anthologies, the better.

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