David Slade directing adaptation of Sara Gran's Come Closer

30 Days of Night David Slade

Director David Slade has worked on some very cool projects over the years, including HARD CANDY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (pictured above), episodes of Hannibal, and the recent "choose your own adventure" feature BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH, so we'll give him a pass for directing THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Especially since he jokingly bashed TWILIGHT before being hired to direct one of its sequels.

Now he's working on another genre film that sounds like it's one to look forward to.

Slade will be directing an adaptation of author Sara Gran's 2003 novel COME CLOSER (and you can buy a copy of that HERE). The film will tell the story of 

a young architect who may be the victim of demonic possession or simply may be losing her mind.

The book's description offers a bit more detail: 

A recurrent, unidentifiable noise in her apartment. A memo to her boss that's replaced by obscene insults. Amanda—a successful architect in a happy marriage—finds her life going off kilter by degrees. She starts smoking again, and one night for no reason, without even the knowledge that she's doing it, she burns her husband with a cigarette. At night she dreams of a beautiful woman with pointed teeth on the shore of a blood-red sea.
The new voice in Amanda's head, the one that tells her to steal things and talk to strange men in bars, is strange and frightening, and Amanda struggles to wrest back control of her life. A book on demon possession suggests that the figure on the shore could be the demon Naamah, known to scholars of the Kabbalah as the second wife of Adam, who stole into his dreams and tricked him into fathering her child. Whatever the case, as the violence of her erratic behavior increases, Amanda knows that she must act to put her life right, or see it destroyed.

Gran wrote the adaptation herself and is producing the film alongside Michael London.

I haven't read Gran's novel, but I am definitely interested in seeing a Slade movie that deals with demonic possession... even if the possession turns out to be imagined.

COME CLOSER is being financed and executive produced by Anton, a company that will also be handling the worldwide sales. John Zois, Anton's EVP of Acquisitions & Co-Productions, will be overseeing the project.



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