Dead Island Riptide releases a brand new gameplay mode video!

Zombies are a huge deal nowadays. They're on TV, on the news (do you remember the infamous Miami face eater?), on the movies and even on your game consoles. DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE is the sequel to DEAD ISLAND, a game that knows a thing or two about blood, flesh and gore. If you're a fan let me tell you that we're about to delight you with the first look at the gameplay of the sequel (below).

The best thing about the gameplay, aside from the insane graphics, is how they added Hub Defense missions. There's a water pump that's going to make a lot of noise and draw a lot of zombies towards you. To avoid being eaten by the undead you need to set up fences, landmines to blow 'em up to pieces and you can also place turrets wherever you like. The greatest part is that these peculiarities add realism to the game which makes it better than its competition AKA Left 4 Dead.

This is an open world shooter my friend, everything is valid in this world and now you can even take items out in the world to your base to use them there.

The game comes out for PS3 and XBOX 360 on April 23rd and you can pre-order this sweet slice of death right here.

Extra Tidbit: Take a look (above) at the DD package that the UK version of DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE has to offer. Sweet right?
Source: IGN



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