Dear White People director Justin Simien venturing into horror

Justin Simien made his feature directorial debut with last year's very well received social satire DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, which scored a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now established, he's moving forward on his second movie, said to be "a psychological horror film with a satirical streak."

That description and the fact that it's expected to start filming in 2016 are the only details that have been revealed at this point.

Like DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, Simien's mysterious horror offering will be produced by Julia Lebedev and Angel Lopez, under the banner of Lebedev's Code Red Productions.

I haven't watched DEAR WHITE PEOPLE yet, but I always enjoy it when filmmakers head into horror after receiving very positive marks for their work in other genres, like when Quentin Tarantino followed up his Oscar win for PULP FICTION with FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, and Diablo Cody followed her own Oscar win for JUNO with JENNIFER'S BODY. It's just something that's nice to see.

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE's Tessa Thompson

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