Death Spa will have you sweating blood this May on Blu-ray

Dark Sky Films will be delivering Michael Fischa's 1989 horror flick DEATH SPA to Blu-ray on May 27th, and today we've got a look at the Blu-ray cover art!

The artwork is basically a polished version of the film's ridiculous original poster. I've never seen the movie, but I might have to fix that based on this cover art alone.

You can pre-order the Blu-ray right HERE.

Special features:

  • An Exercise In Terror: The Making Of DEATH SPA
  • Audio Commentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Video Trailer

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This one is shapely, beautiful, demonic – and dead. She’s also insanely jealous. One by one the beautiful people of her husband’s health club become victims possessed by her evil spirit, and each meets a grisly death. Starring Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and not recommended for the squeamish, DEATH SPA is another Gorgon Video (Faces of Death) from the crypts of hell! In this spa… You’ll Sweat Blood!

The film stars William Bumiller, Merritt Butrick, Robert Lipton, Brenda Bakke, Alexa Hamilton, and Ken Foree.

Extra Tidbit: Is this movie any good?



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