Details on Nascar racer Stanton Barrett's Navy SEALs vs. Zombies

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If there ever was a zombie threat in the real world I would think our best chance of fighting them off would come in the form of America's elite warriors, the Navy SEALs. Now NASCAR racer, stuntman, and director Stanton Barrett is set to show us just how the SEALs would deal with the walking dead in the upcoming NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES. Get your engines revving...it's time to lock and load, boys!

Academy and Emmy Award winner Phillip B. Goldfine (TRUE JUSTICE) and Academy Award Winner Voltage Picture’s Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) have teamed up with NASCAR race driver Stanton Barrett to produce his feature film directorial debut NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES with Anchor Bay distributing.

The film has been shooting in Baton Rouge Louisiana and stars Ed Quinn ("Eureka"), Stephanie Honoré (FINAL DESTINATION), Rick Fox (HE GOT GAME) and the AMERICAN NINJA himself, Michael Dudikoff. Dudikoff, yo! Director Barrett has also cast real life SEALs to aid in the production. Bad ass.

Here's the synopsis:

In this action-packed thriller, an elite military team is activated for a dramatic rescue of the Vice President from the Louisiana State Capitol.  When all communication is lost with the US Secret Service team, the US Government must rely on the SEAL team to save the day.  Upon entering the building and securing the VP and his staff, the SEALs encounter a reporter and her cameraman who have recorded shocking images of what they believe to be an infection among the city’s population.  Speculation mounts that the inhabitants of Baton Rouge have been weaponized by a biological agent, which turns its victims into vicious zombie killers. The SEALs must act fast to locate and evacuate a group of scientists that hold the only hope for a cure. Time is running out as a horde of infected zombies heads to cross the Mississippi River Bridge and threatens everyone beyond the city’s borders.

Films In Motion founder Jason Hewitt also produces, along with Benjamin Sacks (ANACONDAS: TRAIL OF BLOOD), Rob Markovich (AFTERBURN), and Steve Shelanski (HEAD CASE).

Anchor Bay will distribute. We'll keep you posted on when to expect NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES to arrive.


Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Michael Dudikoff film?
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