Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles is the new comic book you'll die for!

Titan Comics announced the launch of DEVIL MAY CRY: THE VERGIL CHRONICLES based on the re-imagining of the famous DEVIL MAY CRY video games. Today the first two comics are available digitally coinciding with the release of the new DmC video game. The printed issues will hit shelves on May 15th and June 19th.

DEVIL MAY CRY has spawned sequels of the game, action figures, animated series, graphic novels, manga, clothing, and unsurprisingly, the franchise was recently picked up by Screen Gems (RESIDENT EVIL) to put the character on celluloid.

Titan Comics stated in the press release that the first comic takes place before the game and tells the back-story of Vergil and Kat with never before seen revelations.

Both comics feature bad-ass illustrations, kudos to Robin Recth (THE THIRD STATEMENT) and Patrick Pion (TOMB RAIDER: DARKAEONS), and it's been translated simultaneously to French. The story is reminiscent to the Assassin's Creed graphic novels and it's written by Guillaume Dorison.

The two-part comic series is available to read today exclusively through comiXology.com.

Extra Tidbit: This gamer wants to put her hands on the DEVIL MAY CRY comic book...what about you?
Source: Comixology



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