Did Poltergeist's spooky Super Bowl poster predict O'Rourke's tragic death?

Get. This. Sh*t. 

A few days ago I shared with you guys a video claiming Steven Spielberg was the true director of POLTERGEIST. Well, I'm back again today to share yet another story on the classic flick. But this one is way creepier... To begin, sorry about the "click-bait-y" title. This story just freaks me out big-time. Anyway, here we go.

The Steven Spielberg produced, Tobe Hooper directed classic POLTERGEIST was released in the summer of 1982. Right. Gotcha. Now 1982 was the year of the 16th Super Bowl. Okay. Moving on. If you look above Robbie's bed, in Robbie and Carol Anne’s bedroom, there's a Super Bowl poster (see above). But it isn't for 1982's Super Bowl 16. 

Nope. It's not even for 1983's Super Bowl 17 (which would make a bit of sense). Nope. Nope. Nope. The poster is in fact for Super Bowl 22. Which took place in 1988. A full six years after POLTERGEIST's release.  Okay. Now is where this sh*t gets BIG TIME SPOOKY:

Super Bowl 22 took place on January 31st, 1988. On that same day, Heather O'Rouke fell ill.

As Bloody Disgusting puts it:

"... she began vomiting and couldn’t keep any food down, and while preparing to leave for the hospital the next morning, she collapsed. En route to the hospital, the young actress suffered cardiac arrest (later revealed to be caused by septic shock due to intestinal stenosis)"

Urgh. No. This is getting too weird... Well, here comes the kicker. Get ready. Tragically little Heather died that very day at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California... the same city Super Bowl 22 took place in, the day before... The day she originally fell ill...

Dude. Dude. Dude.

Is this poster all part of that "Poltergeist Curse" everyone is always talking about? Oh, Lord Jesus please us! Fu*k this is spooky, ghoulie sh*t. That evil poster climbed up on the wall when nobody was looking, and then... Nope. Too spooky. Mike out.

Do you believe in the "Curse of Poltergeist"?

R.I.P. 2/27/75 - 02/01/88
Extra Tidbit: Tobe Hooper was THE director of POLTERGEIST. Sorry, I had to.



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