Don't Look in the Basement 2 nabs May release date

Don't Look in the Basement 2 Andrew Sensenig

We haven't heard from the 40-years-later sequel DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT 2 in some time, but now a release date has been officially announced! The flick will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray (the special edition includes the original film and a full length making-of documentary on May 24th with a VOD release to follow this Summer.

This announcement comes in the wake of the news that Meir Zarchi also shot a 40-years-later sequel to the grindhouse classic I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE with Camille Keaton. This pro-retro horror enviroment is allowing for the craziest films to make it into production.

You can pre-order your copy RIGHT HERE!

Directed by Anthony Brownrigg, the son of original director S. F. Brownrigg, the film features original actress Camilla Carr and returns to the Trinity Institute for its four week production.

Written by Brownrigg and Megan Emerick, the film picks up..

…after the end of the first film, 40 years later. After Sam is moved to a new asylum in 2013, strange things begin happening there to the patients as well as the doctors. One doctor must find out what’s causing everyone go delve even deeper into insanity before it overcomes him as well.

Andrew Sensenig stars as Dr. William Matthews with Arianne Margot as Dr. Lucy Mills and Frank Mosley as Dr. Lance White. Megan Emerick, who co-wrote the screenplay with Brownrigg, plays a supporting role as Nurse Jennifer. Jim O’Rear and Scott Tepperman are orderlies Billy and Bishop, respectively. Willie H. Minor, Jr. is Sam Withers, the mysterious returning patient. 

Extra Tidbit: What classic 70's film would you like to see a sequel to?



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