Enjoy the absurd: 2 new trailers for The Meyer Bros.' The Legend of Grassman

Wow. Talk about a schlock-party!

Tyler and Dennis Meyer, the writing/directing siblings behind such micro-budgeted indie efforts as THE SPOOKY HOUSE and NIGHT OF THE INVISIBLE MAN, return with an absurd looking shoe-string action horror flick called THE LEGEND OF GRASSMAN. And we've got a fresh pair of trailers for ya' below for you to revel in the madness!

With Tyler directing from a script by Dennis, THE LEGEND OF GRASSMAN centers on a group of bigfoot hunters find the tables turned when they pursue Ohio's legendary Grassman.

Of course, that simple plot breakdown doesn't tell half the story of how unabashedly b-movie this flick is bound to mirror. Regarding the project, Tyler Meyer had this to say to robojapan.blogspot:

"The film is kind of a mixture of a 1930’s jungle adventure, a 1980’s slasher movie, and a 1970’s Bigfoot documentary. The films that have influenced us on this project come from all different eras and genres, but early on Dennis and I focused on Jaws as the type of movie we wanted to emulate. Our prior horror efforts, including Consumed are dark, grim tales, which we enjoy, but didn't feel that tone was what we wanted in a Bigfoot film. We agreed that Jaws had a good balance or horror, comedy, and adventure which we are attempting to capture."

Based on the two trailers below, farther from JAWS this film could not be. However, you gotta admire the ambition of these two dudes.

In addition to the two brothers, Matt Funke, Stephan Meyer, Justine Meyer, Max Meyer and Dennis Meyer III all star in the film. Talk about nepotism!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Bigfoot movie?



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