Erica Leerhsen joins horror period piece Phobia

Erica Leerhsen (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) will star in PHOBIA, a horror/murder-mystery to be directed by Jon Keeyes (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE) and produced by Blake Calhoun from a screenplay by Anne Gibson.

Here's the plot smackdown: Victorian era Paris 1885… The city is on edge as an elusive serial killer drains victims of their blood. Upon finishing her studies at a revolutionary French medical school teaching hypnosis, Dr. Lesley Parker (Leerhsen), prepares for her long journey home to San Francisco to open her own psychiatric practice. But her plans are interrupted when she meets Val Drakul, a young Romanian man traumatized by his family’s tragic and mysterious past. He needs help, and so at the urging of her new-found colleague, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Lesley takes Val to San Francisco – making him part of a new group of patients suffering from phobias. But when the patients start dying one by one, it seems the Parisian killer might be among them – and Val – he might be a vampire.

Sounds like there's potential for something cool, don't you think?

Rounding out the cast are Chase Jeffery (Exposed, American Virgin) as Val Drakul, the man tormented by a family curse; Matthew Tompkins (Killing Down, Missionary Man) as I.M. Casey, a mysterious stranger tracking Val; Jonathan Brooks (The Next Door Neighbor, Seasons of Gray) and Nicole Leigh (Small Timers, Karma Police) as Guy and Marcia Krusek, Val’s cousins and owners of the Theatre du Macabres; and Matt Moore (Super, Premonition) as a young Sigmund Freud.

Production begins on October 3rd in Dallas, Texas. We'll bring you more on PHOBIA when we get it. You can check out the film's Facebook page in the meantime.

Extra Tidbit: Ms. Leerhsen was also in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT 2 and WRONG TURN 2. A bona fide Scream Queen!
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