Eva Longoria and Jason Blum team up for NBC paranormal drama Zone of Silence

Fresh off the upcoming Blumhouse flick VISIONS, Eva Longoria is reteaming with Jason Blum to co-produce the paranormal drama Zone of Silence for NBC:

Zone of Silence is based on a phenomenon/urban myth in the Mapimí desert area of Mexico where radio signals supposedly don’t travel, making for a total communications blackout.

[The show] focuses on the area acting like a domestic Bermuda Triangle, an invisible interference which appears in the southwest and not only wreaks havoc on communications but is central to key myths, folklore and legends. When a group of ICE agents go missing under odd circumstances within the “zone”, a task force is formed to find them. Science clashes with the unexplained on a weekly basis while the larger search to explain the disappearance continues.

It sounds like the show is going to be part X-Files, part Buffy, part every awesome sci-fi show. The "monster of the week" formula is a proven goldmine, and the use of real folklore and geographical locations will certainly boost the cool quotient. Blumhouse has been making a point to reach out to their Latin-American audience without pandering, and with Eva Longoria's help, they can hopefully push that even further.

Zone of Silence is written by Rashad Raisani of Allegiance and executive produced by actor Eric Winter (The Mentalist).

The Mapimí Desert
Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with the Zone of Silence myth?
Source: Deadline



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