Event: Arrow in the Head vanishes into The Blumhouse of Horrors

Deep in the heart of downtown Los Angeles at 940 South Figueroa, you will find the Variety Arts Theatre built back in 1924. However, this historic theatre has been transformed into The Blumhouse of Horrors for the 2012 Halloween season. The question is, is it a trick or a treat? Thankfully, it is both!

The producers of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films, INSIDIOUS and the upcoming thriller SINISTER have turned this landmark into a chilling and atmospheric journey to revisit ghosts of the past. While the experience may be similar to what you would find at Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, the Blumhouse offers more of a spooky theatrical experience as opposed to simply monsters inhabiting a maze.

Producer Jason Blum wanted to give horror audience a brand new kind of scare, and he has certainly succeeded. Within these walls, you will be entertained, frightened and oftentimes captivated by the atmospheric blast from the past. While a ghostly period piece may not sound very chilling, you will be surprised at the ominous goings on conjured up in this inventive Halloween attraction. The Blumhouse of Horrors manages to capture the suspense of Blum’s features, yet this time those in attendance are part of the production… AND CAN NEVER ESCAPE!

At a special advance preview night, AITH had the opportunity to witness the spooky goings on and talk to Blum himself about the attraction. In this “immersive, 40-minute guided-tour,” we were one of the first to witness an entirely original story that will surprise even the most jaded horror fans. Original, exciting and at one point terrifyingly claustrophobic, this is one of the most unique events to experience this October. For more information, you can check out the official website here, and below, we offer you a look inside The Blumhouse of Horror… who knew magic could be so scary?

The Blumhouse of Horrors runs from October 4 to November 3. Tickets range from $29 to $35 at the door with a "Front of Admission" pass for $55.

Extra Tidbit: What are some of your favorite Halloween themed attractions that horror fans may not know about?



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