Exclusive 1:1 interview with Warm Bodies star Teresa Palmer

Walking into a room with the absolutely gorgeous and incredibly delightful Teresa Palmer is just as amazing as it sounds. If you’re not familiar with this stunning actress you should be. In her latest film WARM BODIES (READ THE ARROW'S REVIEW HERE), she falls for a zombie and frankly, who wouldn’t be willing to be one of the undead to gain her adoration?

When I sat down with Ms. Palmer, we talked a little Romeo & Juliet and the connection it has with BODIES. However the interview began with her giving a little shout out to our very own man of many talents, Rusty Eltringham who has a deep love for Teresa… actually, who doesn’t? It is impossible to resist Teresa, and she is absolutely phenomenal co-starring opposite the very talented Nicholas Hoult as the lovelorn undead. You can see her shine in what is the best and most original zombie flick since SHAUN OF THE DEAD. WARM BODIES opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

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