Exclusive: A mass-shooter is on the loose in White Rabbit clip

If the idea of a crazed gunman opening fire indiscriminately on helpless people freaks you out - and really, who isn't freaked out by such a thing - then this exclusive clip from WHITE RABBIT will certainly disturb you. Yeah, this isn't one of those "fun" horror clips; this is horror of a different sort.

The film stars Nick Krause (The Descendants), Britt Robertson (“Under the Dome”, Tomorrowland) and Sam Trammell (HBO’s True Blood, The Fault in our Stars).

Here's how WHITE RABBIT goes down:

Harlon Mackey (Nick Krause) has been tormented by visions since his alcoholic father (Sam Trammell) forced him to kill an innocent rabbit while hunting as a boy. Now that Harlon is a bullied high school student, his undiagnosed mental illness is getting worse. Things begin to look up when Julie (Britt Robertson), a rebellious young girl, moves to town and befriends Harlon...But when she betrays him, the rabbit along with other imaginary comic book characters taunt him into committing one final act of revenge.

WHITE RABBIT will be released in theaters and VOD (All cable providers, iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play, Playstation, xbox, Amazon Instant, Blockbuster) on February 13th.



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