Exclusive clip: Fight scene from Awaken ends bloodily!

Here's one chick you do not want to mess with!

Below we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming thriller AWAKEN; in it, a fierce young lady (Natalie Burn) takes down a bad guy - and bloodily - after a prolonged fight sequence. You don't need the context, just watch and enjoy the ass-kicking.

Well, okay, if you want some context, here's the film's synopsis:

A group of young adults wake up on a deserted tropical island in this suspenseful thriller about black markets and body parts. Billie, a skilled martial arts expert, had been searching for her missing sister, Rina, when she was attacked and dumped on an island. She finds others like her…fit healthy adults in the prime of life, with no idea why they’ve been kidnapped, then let go, only to be hunted down like animals. Billie searches for a way off the island and finds the horrifying answers to some of her questions… a human organ harvesting operation, that picks and chooses from the strongest and most fit survivors.

In addition to Burn, AWAKEN stars Jason London, Daryl Hannah, Vinnie Jones, Edward Furlong, Robert Davi and Michael Paré. Not a bad roster! The film comes out on DVD July 7th.

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Extra Tidbit: Burn played Mel Gibson's wife in THE EXPENDABLES 3.



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