Exclusive clip for Houses October Built 2 features sword swallowing & more!

Now that IT has come and gone, one of the top upcoming horror flicks I'm looking forward to the most (other than LEATHERFACE and CULT OF CHUCKY) is the incoming sequel to the found footage film THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT.

I am a big fan of the first film as I love the sub-culture of haunted houses and haunted attractions so I can only imagine how much fun THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 is going to be once it hits later this month.

Speaking of the sequel, today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip to share with you guys!

The clip features that tattooed-as-f*ck guy you've seen in all the promos hard at work making my stomach churn with such antics as quadruple sword swallowing and lifting godd*mn BRICKS with his eyeballs.

Now THAT'S talent!

You can check out the EXCLUSIVE clip below and make sure to let us know what you think by hitting us up in the new comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


Penned by Andrews and Roe, the new pic picks up the five haunted-house enthusiast friends still trying to recover from the trauma of being kidnapped last Halloween by the Blue Skeleton — a group who takes “extreme haunt” to another level. They decide to face their fears in order to move on and go back out on the road to find more haunted houses, but signs of the Blue Skeleton start appearing again.

THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 is directed by Bobby Roe from a script by Roe and Zack Andrews, and the film stars Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Mikey Roe and Jeff Larson.

THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 hits theaters and VOD this September 22nd!


Extra Tidbit: I can totally do that "Brick Trick" too. I just, you know, don't want to right now.
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