Exclusive Clip: The Curse of Downers Grove fight scene gets ugly


Today we've got an exclusive clip from the upcoming thriller THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE, which was co-written by American Psycho/Less than Zero author Bret Easton Ellis. Said clip looks at a fight scene between boy-next-door Lucas Till and one-eyed bad boy Kevin Zegers. Whose face will get unprettied the most?!

The film's synopsis:

The town of Downers Grove looks like your average suburban neighborhood -- but Downers Grove has a disturbing secret.... For the past eight years, one senior from every high school graduating class has met a bizarre death right before graduation day. And this year, Chrissie Swanson  (Bella Heathcote) has a terrible feeling that she is going to be the one to die. Can Chrissie survive the curse of Downers Grove or will she, like those seniors before her, fall prey to the town's deadly secret?

Also starring Bella Heathcote, Penelope Mitchell and Tom Arnold, THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE hits digital HD and iTunes on August 21st; it heads to VOD, Blu-ray/DVD on September 1st. Pre-order right HERE.




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