Exclusive: The Last Lovecraft Sequel coming from Devin McGinn & Kyle Davis

We here at Arrow in the Head love our horror! Add a little comedy into the mix and it can be fun times for all. This is definitely true for the 2009 cult flick THE LAST LOVECRAFT: RELIC OF CTHULHU. Starring one of my favorite horror dudes, Kyle Davis (FRIDAY THE 13th, THE HITCHER) and Devin McGinn (SKINWALKER RANCH), as well as a host of others including Martin Starr and Richard Riehle, this H.P. Lovecraft inspired tale is a blast and a half. And the good news… These fine gents have plans for a sequel, titled THE LAST LOVECRAFT: AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.

For fans of this crazy cool flick, we are excited to announce that there may be more in store for Jeff and Charlie, as they continue to face Lovecraftian inspired creatures. With tongue planted firmly in cheek of course. Starting today, McGinn and Davis are offering the chance for fans of the original to get involved in a planned sequel for the film. Playing closely to Lovecraft, the continued adventures will find our heroes at The Mountains of Madness! AITH recently sat down with Kyle and Devin as they discussed why Kickstarter, and what we will have in store.

When it comes to this particular chapter, Devin McGinn talked about the original film and how he had envisioned it as more than just one story.

The thing is I have always conceived [THE LAST LOVECRAFT] as a trilogy. Ironically, I am most excited about the prospect of doing the second film as it starts off at “The Mountains of Madness”. It’s my favorite H.P. Lovecraft story and until we are lucky enough to get the del Toro version, I am really excited to explore that environment for the first time on film. Even though we fall under the Horror/Comedy genre, I am looking forward to staying true to the environment and the creatures. Shoggoths aren’t funny, they are absolutely terrifying and I wouldn’t attempt to portray them any other way.
He continued to discuss the struggle of making an independent film, and just how that can impact telling the story that you want to tell.

Independent film distribution comes with a lot of pitfalls. After the success of the first film, we were offered money to do the second but we would have to have changed the vision of what I wanted these films to be. I am a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan and deeply respect his work. Even though budget limitations forced us down the horror/comedy road, it is about respecting the mythology and making it a legitimate threat while letting the humor come from the characters ineptitudes to deal with these incredible situations.
Kyle Davis, who is no stranger to horror, was not familiar with Lovecraft but quickly found himself drawn to this exciting new world.

Before Devin came to me with the idea, I really didn’t know much about HP Lovecraft. I put my share of horror pants on being in films like FRIDAY THE 13th and THE HITCHER, even in television with “American Horror Story” but there was something so cool about the mythology Lovecraft had created. It was a really fun world to play in as an actor and I’m really hoping I get a chance to go back.

When it came to creating the characters, Kyle added that they’d like to bring one memorable one back.

There were so many fun characters in the film with Captain Olaf being an obvious standout. We think we have found a really great way to bring back Olaf, which I won’t spoil here. The idea of Jeff and Charlie being able to team up with that character again is really exciting to me.

As for new characters…

KD: Oh hey, Jimmy, if we get funding, you’re going to have a cameo in the film, right? That would be fun to work with you. It also seems like you would be really great Shoggoth food.
Of course I said "hell yes" to that! He continued…

Speaking of cameos we have America’s favorite redneck dropping in. Jon Reep [Davis’ co-star in INTO THE STORM] was practically born to go Deep One gigging.
In terms of working with Kickstarter, Devin has a budget in mind and it is a surprisingly small one…

$300,000K might not seem like a ton of money to make a film but you have to realize, we only had $75k to shoot the first feature. We are all working in the entertainment industry we have the ability to call in a lot of favors and get some really amazing deals. That 300,000K really becomes much more in a strict budgetary sense. Additionally, if we were to achieve our goal any dollar over that amount will end up on screen. This is a passion project for us and our goal is to make the second film even more entertaining then the first.
Kyle added…

This is the first time either of us has used Kickstarter. We want to make the movie for ourselves and for the fans old and new. This seems like the best way to come together and have a shot of making that happen. Viva la Cthulhu!

So here it is, your chance to bring a piece of the Mountains of Madness to the screen. Thanks to both Kyle and Devin for taking the time to chat THE LAST LOVECRAFT. And you can check out THE LAST LOVECRAFT: AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Kickstarter page here!

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