Exclusive: New stills from John Muscarnero's killer bear flick The Harper's Field Footage

We have two new exclusive stills to share with you from John Muscarnero's rustic killer bear movie THE HARPER'S FIELD FOOTAGE, which comes from Largemouth Films. We've also tossed in the teaser trailer for the flick, as well as a promo poster...but let's be clear, it's the two stills we're bringing to you exclusively. Still, the more the merrier, right?!?

Starring Muscarnero himself, along with Chloe Moore and Kevin Day - THE HARPER'S FIELD FOOTAGE rolls when:

In late 2010 an Information Assurance Manager and hunting enthusiast went into the San Bernardino mountains to kill an elusive man-eating bear. His estranged son, filmmaker John Muscarnero, set out to document this search in his next film.

Armed with a few cameras and a small crew, including John's roommate, his girlfriend and his producing partner on their last film Dark Woods, they set out to film his father hunting the killer bear. The tragedy that they would eventually find and film would become known as The Harper's Field Footage.

Nothing to hate there, ay? Killer bear flicks are always fun, and this one looks to have a verite sensibility that'll make you question how authentic it is.

Keep close for a release date...

Extra Tidbit: What's the best killer bear flick you've seen?



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