Exclusive: Poster unveiled for werewolf film Fang

Fang Melodie Roehrig Theo Maefs Adam R. Steigert

There's a very interesting horror project currently filming in Buffalo, New York; a practical FX werewolf creature feature called FANG, from writer/director Adam R. Steigert.

The story: 

After participating in a robbery turned murder, Chloe and Joe decided to hide out at a distant relative’s house only to find themselves stalked and hunted by creatures and forces unknown.

Melodie Roehrig and Theo Maefs, pictured above, star as Chloe and Joe, and are joined in the cast by Melantha Blackthorne as Doris Crowley, Patrick Mallette as Roy Crowley, and Gregory Blair as Harold, a faithful servant to the Crowleys. There's also Michael O'Hear as William Sanders, a detective who has been obsessively tracking a serial killer, and Christopher Burns Jr. as Eric, a character I can't tell you much about... but Eric is featured in the image below, which shows a moment in which Chloe makes a "gruesome discovery".

Also below is the poster for FANG, which we have gotten the EXCLUSIVE first look at. You can click on the poster to see a larger version.

FANG is expected to come out sometime in 2018, and we'll keep you updated on the film as it makes it way toward release.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in FANG?



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